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Are you looking to start a bookkeeping practice?  Or have you already got a bookkeeping practice but haven't yet  created your procedures manual?


Then this is for you, Bookkeeping in a Box offers a ready made procedures manual for your business.

Our Story

When I started my bookkeeping business back in 2014, I spent hours and hours creating documents, templates and procedures that I needed to satisfy my AAT License.

Recently, I was chatting to a lovely bookkeeper called Margot and go onto the subject of compliance.  Margot has a successful bookkeeping practice and needed to have templates in place to comply with her practice license.  Margot asked if I would be willing to sell her my templates to save her the time of creating her own.

So I created a set of documents for Margot adding highlights and notes of what she would need to put in the spaces provided.

Needless to say Margot was delighted with the documents and the countless hours she had saved by not having to create them herself from scratch.

So, Bookkeeping in a Box was born.


Procedures Manual for your Practice

Paper Abstract

Regardless of whether your practice is large or it's just you working as a sole trader, in order to meet your practice license regulations you will need a number of templates and operating procedures.


Bookkeeping-in-a-Box has ALL the documents

you'll need to get you started

Letter Templates


  • Standard Letter of Engagement (plus service options)

  • Letter of Dis-Engagement

  • Letter of Professional Clearance


  • First Contact Data Capture  

  • Initial Consultation  

  • AML Initial Check

  • AML Due Diligence

  • AML Risk Assessment

  • Bookkeeping Workflow

  • Client Address Change

  • General Expenses

  • Travel Expenses

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Business Continuity

  • Business Continuity Appointed Person

  • GDPR and Data Protection

  • Recording CPD

  • Expenses Claims

Note Templates

  • Client Meetings

  • Client File Note

Terms & Data Sharing

  • Standard Terms & Conditions

  • Data Sharing Agreement

  • Privacy Policy Notice

Affordable Solutions for all Boookkepers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for Bookkeeping in a Box?

On receipt of you invoice you can make payment to us by BACS.

How will I receive my documents?

Once your invoice has been fully paid you will be given access to a Dropbox folder where you can view and download your documents at your leisure.

Can I upgrade to the full package in the future?

Yes, if you wish to upgrade all you need to do is get in touch and pay for the additional set.  


Forms & Templates                  £125

Terms & Data Sharing             £150

3 x Letter Templates

1 x Engagement Service Options

2 x Note Templates

5 x Standard Operating Procedures

9 x Forms

Standard Terms & Conditions

Data Sharing Agreement

Privacy Policy Notice

Complete Set                            £220

All of the documents listed above, buy the complete set together and save 20%




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